Professional Development Program

The IIG Professional Development Program is a private program exclusive to vetted individuals who have met the cultural fit, and whose commitment and purpose aligns with IIG. These individuals will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, grow, and express themselves through a multifaceted program, under the tutelage of experienced advisors.

Frequency: 18-month overall program with monthly meeting with advisors.

Audience number: 12 members and 6 advisors

Idea's Exchange

Idea’s Exchange is an IIG networking event which gets three speakers from three background to speak to incoming students and recent graduates who are questioning their career decision or anyone who is interested on the topic which will be covered. The speakers will give insight on a chosen topic. The attendees will have the opportunity to network afterwards.

Frequency: Quarterly event

Audience Number: 100 – 120 public attendees

Pop Up

The IIG Pop Up provides a space where individuals can discuss and ask questions or address problems that are pressing their communities with the IIG members and advisers.