Here is What Defines Us


To enrich and empower young leaders from multicultural communities.


Our method is to establish an enterprise which provides these young leaders with the opportunity to learn, engage, collaborate, grow, and express themselves through a multifaceted program, and under the tutelage of experienced mentors.

IIG Pilot Program

The making of IIG

Status: Completed.

Upcoming Idea's Exchange

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Our Founders

Hani Hamid

Hani is one of the Co-founders of Investing In Greatness..

Jean Mike Jabo

Jean is one of the Co-founders of Investing in Greatness. As a refugee from Rwanda, Jean came to Australia with his family in 2006 in search of a better life.

funding & sponsorships

We only work with funders & sponsors who have a purpose fit and are willing to create something custom for our audience designed to achieve their goals. We want to hear about your goals for our organisation and then build something just for you on your budget.

Sponsorship Deck