Yash Hanad Kamal

Having grown up in multicultural communities throughout his life, Yash derives a lot of inspiration from the people he has connected to - present and past.

Apolina Balebanga

Apolina migrated to Australia in 2008 for better opportunities. Her experience as a migrant has helped her understand to an extent the needs and challenges faced by young migrants in Australia.

Jean Jabo

Jean is one of the Co-founders of Investing in Greatness. As a refugee from Rwanda, Jean came to Australia with his family in 2006 in search of a better life.

Rim Mebrahtu

Rim understands the turbulence, hardships, and stresses youth must overcome daily to live a normal life and as a result, this has sparked a lifelong eagerness to give back to her community.

Blaise Tshitenga

Nothing satisfies Blaise more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems and contributing to the greater community as a whole.

Deborah Botende

Deborah is currently in her third year at Griffith university studying a double bachelor of Public Relations and Communication/ Bachelor of Business, majoring in HR.

Nam Doan

Nam is an innovative, creative thinking dual degree Law and Business student with an extensive history of participating in student leadership roles and extra-curricular activities.

Duku Forè

Duku believes dreams do come true. He is an inspirational speaker, Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, Author and one of the Co-founders of Investing In Greatness.

Jal Van Gogouk

Jal is the third oldest son of immigrant parents. He is a serial entrepreneur, brand architect, screenwriter and a knowledge seeker who likes finding ways to tell stories.

Hani Hamid

Hani is one of the Co-founders of Investing In Greatness.